Yoga and running: the perfect pair?

(This article appeared first on the Living Flow Yoga Ashfield website) A personal exploration of how yoga and running is a perfect combination… The most obvious and straightforward connection between yoga and running as complementary practices is this: >> Yoga provides much-needed mobility and flexibility to our joints and connective tissues whilst, >> Running increases […]

Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Rachel Stanley

(This article appeared first on Health and Fitness Travel website) Rachel Stanley grew up in Barbados, riding big waves at a national level, before relocating to Sheffield University for a degree in economics. Away from the water, she switched to triathlons before injury put her on the bench. “I was gutted. Telling an athlete they […]

Tricks to get the most out of running, including what the ideal speed is

(This article appeared first on The Sydney Morning Herald Website) With gyms still closed, a regular jog remains one of the best and cheapest ways to get exercise and fresh air while sticking to government guidelines. Theoretically, running is one of the most instinctive forms of exercise. But Sports Medicine Australia has reported that approximately […]